Magazine “REZPIRA” – highlights Volcan Laguna’s retreat

Magazine REZPIRA highlights: “Retreat of Family Constellations in synergy with Yoga & Aroma”

We share here the link of the article that the magazine Rezpira wrote, Magazine of Yoga and Healthy Style on the RETREAT of Family Constellations in synergy with Yoga & Aroma.

Here we share a paragraph of the article that Arllete wrote:
“What someone can experience in a retreat is to see easily what happens to him and to deal with situations that go from the most superficial to the deepest; from the abstract as love, money, relationships, duels, abortions, addictions, to the concrete as a hardened body. What happens is that by softening the body, so to speak, the soul receives better solutions. ”

In the retreat of Yoga & Family Constellations there is a synergy with yoga, essential oils and healthy eating, which facilitate the integration of therapeutic work. This work is accompanied by experts in the process, so that if emotions arise that can overflow, it is an ideal space to contain them in harmony.

La revista REZPIRA YOGA nos publico un articulo sobre el retiro de Constelaciones Familiares en Sinergia con Yoga Esencial

We are happy to host this 2nd Synergy. This Friday we will receive the participants of the retreat given by Cathy Arce and Sarah Alina Gonzalez Marcos.

See you soon!


Vegan Burger Recipe

We use Masa Madre’s(best bread in GDL!) vegan Burgerbread





Pickles (Recipe coming soon)

Mustard (Recipe coming soon)

Ketchup (Recipe coming soon)

Vegan Mayonnaise (Recipe coming soon)

Chimichurri (Recipe coming soon)


Burger :

400grams Lentils

1 -2 hands Parsley (same volume as lentils, unshreddered)

50-100 grams oats (enough to soak surplus water)

1/4 – 1/2 of cauliflower head

40ml Olive Oil

tbs curry

dash clovepowder

tbs mirasol chilli

tbs chilli guajillo

tbs onionpowder

2 garlic

fine himalaya or seasalt



Let the Lentils soak in water over night(or at least 3-4 Hours).

Cut the cauliflower in small pieces and fry them with a bit of oil until they have brownish parts.

Put the soaked lentils in a bowl with water so that the waterlevel is slightly under the lentils and mash them with a hand blender.

Now add parsley (bit by bit), olive oil, spices and garlic and repeat mashing.

In the end put enough oats to soak up surplus liquids and let it soak for 5-10min to get a slightly thick paste

Add salt to taste.

Now you only have to fry the paste in a pan with a good amount of oil and give it the final shape.

Enjoy your meal.