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15-17 of May 2020 Register here

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Creahoy honors us with his teachings. Creahoy offers Workshops, Diplomas and Therapies in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

About Creahoy:

CREAHOY is a space dedicated to gathering in one place the tools that are needed to find the answers to those questions we ask ourselves at each moment of life. A space where you can find yourself, create the life that you imagine by knowing new and ancestral practices and teachings, aligning yourself with reality, the universe and divinity, in search of self-realization, the choice and creation of tupropia existence.
A space that gives you the opportunity to search within you for the answers, to remember…. Where you will discover that you have all the tools inside you, to live a full life, to be happy today…. It's just a matter of waking them up, activating them, and putting them into practice.

What is included:

  • Shared lodging from friday to sunday
  • Vegan food
  • All practices, paddle-board yoga, acro-yoga, theoretical classes, asanas and meditation

Transport not included

The Experience:

 Immerse yourself in nature! The Volcan Laguna retreat center is on the edge of the Santa Maria del Oro lagoon, Nayarit. This means that you will already be inside a volcanic crater and surrounded by a micro climate Bird Sanctuary. Listen to the subtle sounds during sunrise / sunset and enjoy the intensity of the last summer storms. He walks barefoot in the grass and roots next to great masters trees such as Ceiba, Higuera Blanca and Parota / Huanacaxtle. You will live in intense contact with all your senses by accepting the rhythm of nature. Insects and weather are key to your experience. If you are lucky and pay attention, you will see a great variety of beautiful beings that co-inhabit our land: birds, iguanas, geckos, mosquitoes, dragonflies, beetles, crickets and countless other mold fungi that proliferate when water abounds. The fertility of the earth and the deep waters of the volcanic lagoon will be the perfect environment to reconnect with nature.


Volcan Laguna, Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit MÉXICO


Friday 15th to Sunday 17th of May 2020

How to book?

Contact us Whatsapp +52 3318485909 Email Register here DM via Instagram @volcanlaguna