Disconnect to connect

The Experience

A wonderful experience in front of the lake of Santa María de Oro. Take a break, disconnect from the city, from stress. Connect with your peace, your moment, your body and mind .. your BEING

Whats included?
Stay in a magical place, facing the lake, surrounded by nature, the perfect space to relax and allow you to connect. We include kayaking and paddle board for your free time.
Conscious, healing and healthy food. A detox and apapacho for the body.
Vinyasa and ashtanga yoga classes facing the lake, for all levels. Ideal to listen to your body, release tension, balance and heal your body. pranayamas, ayurvedic workshop, workshop of mindfulness, meditation, mindful eating, compassion, emotion management.

Why Mindfulness
Remember the power and strength of being in the present moment. It gives you tools to be in charge of your thoughts. To better understand your emotions and manage them in a healthy way, it allows you to know yourself deeply.
It is very effective in managing depression, stress and anxiety. It allows you to take control of your mind. Elevate your quality of life, your general well-being, happiness and health status. Improve your attention and memory.

Why yoga?
Millenary practice that allows to integrate the body and mind. Among its many benefits are: physical and mental relaxation, improves circulation and flexibility, increases lung capacity, works hard, better posture and balance. In addition, it helps with stress management, anxiety and depression. It elevates psychological well-being, relieves pain, allows emotional stability and concentration, inner peace and expansion of consciousness.

MINDFULNESS & YOGA weekend goals:

  • Explore the sensations of your body, through the different postures of yoga and meditation.
    • Reconnect with emotions from your body and learn to know and manage them
    • Tools for stress management
    • Give yourself a space to start or deepen your meditative practice
    • Understand that it is really Mindfulness and how you can incorporate it into your life, that you can inhabit your present moment.
    • Generate compassion and self-compassion as a tool for connection and well-being.
    • Find your peace, connect with your body and mind, your BEING.

About us?

Jessica Schäfer

Founder of Live Mindfulness Live
Clinical psychologist with a specialty in mindfulness.
Psychotherapist, Facilitator of workshops and courses of Mindfulness, emotion management, compassion and motherhood.
Organizer and speaker Mindfulness Retreats
Mom, wife, lover of yoga and plant-based food.
Trying to live consciously in every aspect of my life.

Sofia Juarez

International certified yoga instructor

Ayurvedic consultant
-Master specialized in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha

Yogi, traveler and vegan
-I deeply believe that to change the world, you have to start with yourself.

Retreat Details

Dates: November 22-24, 2019
You can arrive on Friday 22 from 3pm, we start at 6:30 pm
We left on Sunday 24 when we finished eating.

What to bring
Yoga mat (if you do not have, tell us before retirement and we lend you one), comfortable clothes, thermos for hot drinks and bottle of water.
Section with $ 1000
before October 16th: final price $ 4500
after October 16th: $ 4900

MORE INFO & bookings:

with Jessi: 3314669879