Retreat for Women

Date: 31th of July till 2nd of August 2020

Location: “Laguna Volcano” in Laguna de Santa María del Oro, Nayarit

Facilitators: Adriana Wolf and Magui Madrazo Frutos

Get out of the routine and give yourself the opportunity to share new experiences.
We design a wonderful program, focused to immerse you in the experience and search for your balance: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, connect with the inner nature, in the beautiful surroundings of La Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro.
We will focus on guiding you to recover your energy and raise your vibration, through practical methods and profound healing. We will accompany you to find the synergy of the four elements with your body and at the same time harmonize your chakras (or energy centers). With the awareness of the here and now and the connection of your inner wisdom.

Relax and Flow!

What includes:

  • – Shared hosting from Saturday 01 to Monday 03 February 2020
  • – Vegan Meals
  • – Shared Kayaks and Paddleboards
  • – Talks and accompaniment with Magui Madrazo, Holist psychologist.
  • -Spaces of silence and reflection
  • -Dialogue circles
  • -Circle of Vibrational Energy Therapy. Super relaxation!
  • -Guided meditation with Tibetan bowls. Super relaxation!
  • -Movement medicine. Ok to lubricate the body a little!
  • -“Spiral of Light” Ceremony
  • -Transmutation ceremony.
  • -* Optional. Morning kickboxing. Attend your masculine energy

What to bring?

  • -Comfortable clothes
  • -Yoga mat and bolster if you have one
  • -Swimwear
  • – Pen and notebook to write down your reflections

Retreat Price:

Investment: $ 6,000 MXN
EARLYBIRD: $ 5,700


* paypal to the following email: (please enter your full name in the message)
* deposit to the following account scotiabank 25600563208 and send receipt photo with your full name to the phone 33124-15700


If you have any questions contact us: or
WhatsApp message to 33124-15700

** We kindly ask that if you pay and you cannot attend, make an effort to sell your space to a friend by letting us know about the change. If not possible, only 20% of your investment will be returned.

Meet de Facilitators:

Adriana Wolf

You could say that I have an old soul. Since I was a child I have been very aware of the universal consciousness in my heart. All we know is a UNIT and in a world of illusions the ultimate truth is LOVE. I have spent years in communion with nature and heard the soul of the world. From this, an ability to “see” the loom of human experience was born. I have great reverence for our mother earth. The 13 years that I have lived in Canada have opened my feelings to the strong synergy that exists between the seasons of the earth and the stations of human experience in all its context. I have always had a passion for life and my drain of bodily-spiritual expression has been through dance and dance. I have a fondness for painting, writing, kickboxing and an exaggerated fascination with the moon.

In my community, I am a facilitator of women’s circles, meditation, music and movement circles, and I am part of a holistic education co-operation for children. I am certified in Reiki, music therapy, vibration therapy and kickboxing. My vision of the near future contains the publication of two books. My medicine is conducted with love and compassion. It will be a pleasure to visit Laguna Volcano to guide and share a sacred space for the sowing of your healing seeds.

Instagram: @Adriana_dwolf

Holistic Psychologist Magui Madrazo

My inner nature has been restless, changing and in a search of the deep. I have lived in different moments of my life: frustrations, disappointments, depressions, anxiety, anguish, fear and loneliness. Which have been and continue to be experiences of learning to be patient and accompany my shadow.

I laughed a lot! For simple details, for joys and for not knowing how to express what I felt.

Inspiration and strong influences in my life have been, my mother, my girl (grandmother) and Patch Adams. From my mother I have learned to face life with a positive attitude, from my child to work and persevere and from Patch Adams, that love, presence and laughter is a medicine that heals the soul.

I am a Holistic Psychologist. I work with integrative therapies that focus on a healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I studied the degree in Psychology, the Master in Gestalt Therapy. I also work with Therapeutic Massages: Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Chiropractic.

I have a Diploma in Humanist Medicine with Patch Adams, Diploma in Ressonance Repaterning (unlock methods) Diploma in Positive Psychology and I am currently doing a Diploma in Auric Medicine and another Diploma in Couple Therapy.

I collaborate on TV (QuieroTV) for 10 years, sharing topics and reflections in Psychology. I am about to start a radio show “Madrazo con Frutos”. I enjoy working with groups, I have taught at primary and university level, I have given lectures, workshops and organizing camps.

I resonate with the belief that when we hear our intuitive wisdom, the paths open. I will love to share with you this women’s retreat, which we seek to go through life, connected, free and in fullness.

Redes:  Facebook: Magui Madrazo-EmotionLab

Instagram Twitter y Youtube: Magui Madrazo


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