Regain balance, healthy from within

wednesday 5th – sunday 9th of June 2019


Detoxify and alkalize your body to fight the disease. Learn to maintain the emotional, nutritional and physical balance to live in health.
Healing begins when the balance is restored. Understanding health as a state of dynamic equilibrium, in which proper nutrition and physical movement, these retreat days will focus on giving you the tools to find health, and once there, you can work consciously in keeping it.

RETIRO Retoma el equilibrio, sana desde adentro 18-28 Septiembre from Volcan Laguna on Vimeo.

Understanding that our body works under the premise that all its systems remain interconnected, gives us the ability to manage our own health.” I.Q.A. Cynthia González Mendoza

During the 5 day retreat
you will know the tools to reconnect with the essential functions of your organism, and understand it as a set of interdependent systems. This will give you the guidelines to, in a fun and delicious way, perform actions to restore your healing ability.
We will practice yoga in the mornings and meditation at night, in order to inspire you towards creating a daily movement routine for your body. This in turn improves the relationship with the body itself and allows an improvement and greater possibility of reestablishing health.


Days to Detoxify

Juices / Tonics / Smoothies
Natural Hygiene Practices
Breathing Techniques

Days to regenerate

Biocompatible feed
Natural Hygiene Practices
Breathing Techniques


Cynthia González Mendoza / Chemical Engineer Administrator from the University of Monterrey / Passionate about health and well-being / Businesswoman, lecturer and workshop worker / Advisor on integrative food /
In the therapeutic treatment that she proposes, the principles of alkalinity, cellular regeneration and nutrigenomics are applied.
Returning to the body to a condition of balance is the key to promoting and recovering health.

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