Yoga and Tantra are two paths of liberation, two forms of practical and direct knowledge of the world, that give us access to a form of reality that transcends ordinary existence. These routes go through a path of exercises and practices that aim to develop a balance of our body, energy and consciousness.





The philosophy of Tantra talks about integration, self-knowledge, openness to grace. It is a way of celebration towards life, cultivating our capacity for satisfaction and freedom. The key words here are Joy and Consciousness.

In the practice of Tantra Yoga we incorporate the work of postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and locks (bandhas) of Hatha Yoga; with the mudras, mantras and visualizations of the Tantric sadhana. In order to create a new relationship between our physical body, mind, spiritual heart and the world we inhabit.

DATE: May 7-9th 2019


Know the philosophy and practices of the Tantra way, from a perspective of authentic spiritual traditions.

Release blockages of our body and energy system.

Know techniques for the cultivation of our vital energy.

Learn to perform a Tantric sadhana (daily practice).

Know and have an approach to tantric sexuality and return the sacred dimension to our sexuality.


Introduction to the Tantric philosophy

The Prana: The Life Force

The 5 bodies or wrappings of the Being

Tantric Vision of the Chakras

Nadis: Energy Channels

Purification techniques

Chi Kung for the cultivation of life force

The Mantras: power and beauty

Meaning and history of the Mudras

Symbols and Archetypes

Sexuality as a spiritual path

Exercises for the cultivation and transmutation of Sexual Energy

The Tantric Sadhana

The practices include:

Different meditation techniques

Yoga: Sequence for the 7 Chakras

Yoga: Mudras and Mantras sequence

Yoga: Sequence for the cultivation of internal fire

Chi Kung

Unlocking massage

Energy Massage


* Includes printed material.


Yoga Guidance by:

Eric Ulises Corona

Eric is a Yoga instructor, acupuncturist and musician. A student of Tantra and Buddhism, whose teachings incorporate the practice of yoga. His classes have a unique dynamic style.

– Certified Yoga Instructor

-Practice of Yoga and Chi Kung since 2006

-Technical Course in Acupuncture

-Lic. In Audiovisual Media

-Continuous study and training in Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu Tantra, Tao, Shamanism, Traditional Oriental Medicine and Traditional Massage.

-Classes and Workshops with Anatole Nguyen, Scott Blossom, Matt Pesendian, Jani Jaatinen, Dharma Mittra, Maa Parvathi, Andrey Lappa, Liu Deming, Michael Stewart, Luz Vergara, Gretchen Andersen, among others.


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