Meditation + Barre + Yoga

only for women from 12 years of age

Retiro de Meditación + Barre + Yoga solo para mujeres desde los 12 años en adelante from Volcan Laguna on Vimeo.

Retiro para mujeres desde los 12 años en adelante. Meditación Barre y Yoga

Retreat= Meditation + Barre + Yoga

It is a Retreat created especially for women, where relationships with femininity, the empowerment of a group of women looking for a space to work and improve their mental and emotional physical well-being, on weekends, how the meditation session is performed , yoga, bar, essential oils, vegan food and free time to share and enjoy this incredible magical place to the cake of the Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit.


It is a space dedicated to implementing techniques of physical training beneficial and kind to the body and mind, as well as complementary workshops always looking to contribute and complement providing more and effective tools to live a healthy and happy life, our passion is to inspire you and help you create you better version.

This retreat is guided by:

ROSS, capricorn of 35 years, creator and founder of Nibana Studio, independent woman, yoga instructor and barre, mother of a teenager of almost 13 years, loves coffee, traveling, spending time with family and friends and enjoy moments of solitude , and above all create spaces to share and inspire people to become aware and give each other their lives every day in their best version.

ANA CRISS, 35 year old virgo, creator and founder of Nibana Studio, instructor of barre, instructed in ballet since her childhood, happy wife for 7 years, mother made of a girl of 4 and a small 2 years old, passionate about fashion