We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Acroyoga and the practice of standing hands, in this retreat of 3 days and 2 nights in the retreat house of Laguna Volcano in Santa María del Oro.
Our retreat is an intensive immersion to Acroyoga, one of the practices of yoga that in recent years has expanded throughout the world, gaining strength and gaining more and more followers. At the same time you can enter a new world of possibilities through the practice of standing hands and different inverted postures.
Acroyoga is the fusion of wisdom and practice of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage in a very pleasant, fun and safe way.
This practice has the quality of being very healing and enriching in different aspects. In it we work with assertive communication, companionship, respect and mutual support; the ability to face your fears and manage anxiety in the face of different challenges; as well as the control of the body and the mind. In addition, it is a practice that invites you to connect and create strong friendships with new people.
The practice of Parado de Manos is to develop the necessary strength, balance and flexibility, both physically and mentally and emotionally, to challenge the limits of the conventional, the force of gravity and our deepest fears.
Holding hands goes beyond just a physical skill, it is a practice with which we also strengthen our focus, as well as the knowledge of ourselves, in addition to working on our discipline, perseverance, patience and perseverance.
To be part of this experience contact us and take your place!

What includes?
-Three days and two nights at the retreat house of @ Laguna Volcano in Santa María de Oro in shared rooms.
-All foods included (Vegan food, conscious and balanced).
-Classes of Acroyoga with Fernando Bravo and Shewi Galindo.
-Group training of Hands stopped
-A contemporary Thai massage class.

$ 4,500 regular price
$ 4,200 before April 31